Digital Post

Since 1st November 2014, it has been obligatory to receive all of your mail from the public authorities electronically.

You must sign-up for digital post no later than November 1st 2014.

This only applies if you have a Danish CPR. number.

What is Digital Post

 Digital Post is your mailbox on the Internet. Here you can send letters and receive letters from the public authorities. Digital Post is as safe as Internet banking – nobody else can see your letters.

With Digital Post you can:

  • Send and receive secure free e-mails from the public authorities
  • Save your letters from the public authorities, so that you can easily find them Again
  • Receive notifications in your private e-mail when there are new messages in the digital mailbox´
  • See all your e-Boks letters if you already signed up to e-Boks.

If you do not use Digital Post or some other secure mail, and you include sensitive personal information in your e-mail, the municipality cannot respond to your request electronically.

How to sign up for Digital Post

Go to and click the 'Digital Post' tap in the upper green box. To guide you, find the 'Digital Post stepguide' (PDF) elsewhere on this page.

Go to (opens new window) 

You can already communicate securely with Gentofte Kommune and other public authorities via Digital Post.