Health Care

The health care in Gentofte Kommune provide guidance to all families with children, school children as well as school classes.

Billede af mor i mødregruppe med barn

The health visitor offers:

  • Pregnancy house calls
  • Maternity house calls to parents with children, who are discharged from hospital within the first two days of the birth of the child
  • House calls from the time of birth until the child is 8-10 months old
  • Participation in mothers’ groups ( a group of mothers get together with their children to support each other)
  • Special offers for premature children
  • House calls to parents who have adopted a child
  • Health examination and counselling of children and youth in the school age
  • Telephone counselling
  • Pre -arranged consultation

Services are adapted to the needs of each individual. Some children are followed until they reach school age at 6 years while others are in contact with the health care system for shorter periods while they are toddlers. Parents are always free to contact health care.

The health visitors guide day care centres with respect to hygienic issues.

The health visitors participate in development projects and in the health education in schools.

You can reach health care on Tel.: + 45 3998 4130 daily between 12.30 and 1.30 pm or on Tel: + 45 3998 4500. Mail address: