Choose your GP

You are free to choose or change to a GP who is open for new patients and where the distance from your home to the GP is less than 15/5 kilometres.

You are free to choose a GP (general practitioner) who is open for new patients belonging to insurance group 1.

The distance between you and the GP's residence should be less than 15 kilometres. In Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Tårnby and Dragør Municipalities, the limit is 5 kilometres.

You can apply for dispensation, if you wish to have a GP whose address is more than 15 kilometres away from your home. You can pick up a dispensation form in Kommuneservice. The GP must certify that he/she accepts you as a patient even though the distance criteria is exceeded – the reason for his is that the GP is obligated to make a house call if necessary.

Changing GP or insurance group:

The cost of changing GP is 190 kr. You will be registered with your new GP the day we have received your payment. You can change GP as often as your like. See the list of GPs in Gentofte Kommune below.

The cost of changing your health insurance group is 190 kr. You can change insurance group every 12 months.