If you are separating or getting a divorce, you will need to contact the State Administration(Statsforvaltningen).

The municipality do not grant divorce. If you live in Gentofte Kommune, please contact: Statsforvaltningen (Regional State Administration)


If you have children and are separating /divorcing, the parent with whom the children will not be living is obliged to  pay child support to the other parent in form of:

  • Child support
  • Birth contribution
  • Christening contribution
  • Confirmation contribution
  • Educational contribution

The contribution amounts are set by The State Administration of the area where the paying parent lives. If the fixed contributions are not paid, the municipality will help with the collection.

The rates as of 1st of January 2011 and 2012 are:

  • 2011 standard rate is 1193 kr. per month (1.056 kr. standard rate/ 137 kr. supplement for the standard rate.
  • 2012 standard rate is 1228 kr. per month (1.087 kr. standard rate/141 kr. supplement for the standard rate.

The standard rate is tax deductible for the payer. The supplement to the standard rate is not tax deductable.