Fingerprints in passports

In new passports, fingerprints are stored in the passport’s chip. These rules make it more difficult to counterfeit and abuse passports.

The rules mean that everybody who applies for a passport will need to provide fingerprints when applying for a passport. However, the rules do not apply to children under the age of 12 and passport applicants for whom it is permanently impossible to provide fingerprints do not apply.

The fingerprint will be stored in the chip of the passport and will make it easier for passport authority to control if a passport is real.

The new rules do not mean that passports, which have already been issued, needs to be swapped. It is not until your passport expires that it is necessary to apply for a new passport.

To cover the expenses that are borne by recording fingerprints in passports, a fee of 25 kroner is introduced.

The Danish Order on passports, issued in pursuant to the Law of Passports § 1, no. 2. The pursuant to charge the fee of 25 kroner was introduced as part of law no. 613 of June 14th 2011.