Most Danish citizens occasionally receive payments from the public sector. These payments can be tax refunds, child benefits, pensions, student loans, unemployment benefits, housing benefits or social welfare payments.

All citizens and companies in Demark are required to have a NemKonto (Easy Account), a normal bank account that you assign as your NemKonto.

If you are to receive money from the public sector, they will normally be paid into your NemKonto.

This means that Gentofte Kommune does not write out cheques or make cash payments. The money will be transferred directly to your bank account.

If you wish to use another bank account other than your existing NemKonto (if you for instance get a new bank account), you will have to need to change your data on or contact your bank.

NemKonto – this is how it works

A payment takes place when Gentofte Kommune states the CPR number (person) or a CVR number (company). The NemKonto system then connects automatically to the citizen’s account number.

The payment is then forwarded to the bank of Gentofte Kommune which will then transfer the money to the bank account of the citizen or the company.




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