What type of payments can you approach the Citizen Service Centre(Kommuneservice) about?

Kommuneservice can help you with questions regarding payments you must make to the municipality. They can be about:

  • Day care
  • Property tax
  • Unemployment benefit
  • Housing benefit
  • Other demands from the municipality

You can pay via Betalingsservice, if you want to ensure timely payments. You can find the information you need in order to sign up for Betalingsservice on the giro which has been sent to you.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us on email: opkræ, on Tel.: + 45 3998 3360, or you can turn up in person at Kommuneservice.

Outstanding payments

If payment is outstanding, we will forward a reminder. A fee of 250 kr. will be imposed on the reminder.

If you continue not to pay and we need to remind you once again, another fee of 250 kr. will be imposed.

After two reminders, the collection of the outstanding payment will be sent to SKAT (the tax department).

SKAT will then collect the payment by, for instance, setting off against payments from the public sector, deduction from salaries or expenses.

If SKAT needs to collect the municipality’s outstanding payments, the consequence is additional expenses for you.


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