How to make use of sports centres, outdoor areas and school facilities

There are a lot of possibilities for associations and clubs to book sports centres, football fields and classrooms for educational purposes in Gentofte Kommune.


With reference to the General Education Act, it is possible to loan premises for educational purposes and sports and leisure activities.

Gentofte Kommune lends out the premises of schools, gymnasiums and playing fields as well as sports centres. 

Who may loan premises? 

In order to loan the various sites, one has to be an educational association or an evening school with residence in Gentofte Kommune which is approved by Civic Education Committee.

More information about lending premises, application forms and deadlines are available at the Department of Sports and Leisure on Tel 3998 4500.

Sport fields on Gentofte Sportspark

You can download an application form on  (Danish) and find out more about the allocation principles and where and when you may loan the premises.

For more information please contact Gentofte Sportspark at Tel 3965 4142.

Deadline for applications

Deadline for applying for loaning the premises and playing fields for an entire school year is February 15th.


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