Sports for everyone

In Gentofte Kommune, good sports facilities and various associations allows everyone to engage in leisure activities.

Billede af håndboldspillere

Gentofte Kommune works continuously and with high standards in facilitating and supporting a broad variety of facilities and clubs with the aim of providing Sports opportunities of every liking. 

Gentofte Kommune is also one of Denmark’s 18 TeamDenmark Elite municipalities. As a TeamDenmark Elite municipality we provide the framework to support young elite athletes.

Read more about the various sports clubs and association in Gentofte Kommune.

Sports facilities

Gentofte Kommune builds, expands and modernises a number of facilities which strengthen the opportunity to play sports and have an active leisure time – both indoors and outdoors.Sports centres, artificial fieldturf and outdoor areas suitable for physical activities provide the best possible framework for sports activities.

Citizens are welcome to contact a consultant at the Sports- and Leisure Department to find out more about Gentofte Kommune’s many sports facilities.

Contact info:, Tel: + 45 3998 4500.


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