On these pages you can find information on how Gentofte Kommune helps refugees and immigrants get started with a new life in Denmark.

Refugees and immigrants, who arrive at Gentofte Kommune under the Danish Integration Act, will need to be integrated in community so that they can participate in work and society on the same terms as the rest of the population.

They need to be made self-reliant and self-sufficient so that they can contribute to societal obligations and rights as new citizens in Gentofte Kommune.

The integration of refugees in Gentofte Kommune

Gentofte Kommune welcomes a number of refugees each year. This happens according to the Danish Integration Act and Immigration Services is responsible for the placement of the refuges around the country. Gentofte Kommune is responsible for the integration of the refugees placed in Gentofte.

The integration will:

  • Ensure that new foreigners have the possibility to participate in political, economic, social, religious, cultural and work aspects of society on equal terms with other citizens in Denmark.
  • Support new foreigners in finding employment so they become self-sufficient.
  • Ensure that each individual understands the fundamental values and norms of Danish society.