Induction programme for refugees

Gentofte Kommune offers foreigners, which are covered by the Danish Integration Act, to participate an induction programme.

Billede af hænder der skriver på kuvert

The induction programme includes:

  • Danish language lessons including special lessons in cultural and societal relations in Denmark
  • Activities which will include coaching and upgrading, job training and  salary subsidy schemes

The purpose of the induction programme is to ensure that foreign adults will acquire knowledge and competencies to understand and use the Danish language. Job training in a public or private institution can be part of the programme in order to promote employment, activation or education of citizens.

If you are a foreigner and covered by the Danish Integration Act, you will have to complete an induction programme. The induction programme will last for a maximum of 3 years and activities normally takes place 37 hours a week. You are obliged to participate in the activities of the programme.

Contract of Integration

The induction programme is described in a contract which is planned in collaboration with each individual refugee/immigrant. The contract takes into account the situation of every single refugee/immigrant and his/hers qualifications and circumstances.

The contract of integration and the declaration concerning integration and active citizenship in Danish society is signed by each citizen.

Danish Course

The programme includes Danish course as well as activities on coaching and upgrading, job training and jobs with salary subsidy.

Gentofte Kommune works closely with the language centre, Sprogcenter Hellerup which offers Danish courses to the municipalities Gladsaxe, Lyngby-Taarbæk, Rudersdal and Gentofte.

Within the first month of arrival, new refugees and immigrants have to receive an offer for a Danish course which includes specially planned course on Danish culture and society.

The purpose of the course is that adult foreigners will acquire knowledge and qualification on how to use and understand Danish.

The goal is that new arriving refugees and immigrants as fast as possible achieve permanent occupation and self-sufficiency and that they receive offers which will prepare them for taken up employment in Denmark. This can be in form of coaching and upgrading through job training or employment through a salary subsidy scheme in private or public companies.