Mother-tongue tuition

The schools of Gentofte Kommune offer, in collaboration with other schools, mother tongue tuition for bilingual pupils who live in Gentofte Kommune and attend 1st-10th grade.

Billede af børn, der maler dialogbænk

The purpose of the mother-tongue tuition is to promote each individual student’s personal and language skills and understanding of the interaction between the student’s native culture and the Danish culture. This way, we strengthen the student’s foundation for learning Danish and becoming a citizen in the Danish society.

The education aims needs to strengthen the students’ feeling of self-esteem and identity by developing language and cultural prerequisites for cohesion with the family and increase their understanding of their own background.

The teachers

Mother- tongue tuition is taught by teachers who are trained in the native country, in Denmark or they are specially qualified to give mother- tongue tuition. The teachers are obliged to teach according to Danish regulation. Parents can therefore not expect that the education is the same as in the homeland.

Time and place

The tuition takes place on weekdays after school or Saturday morning. The tuition will last for 3 hours each week. The tuition is held at different places around Copenhagen or in Gentofte or in the surrounding municipalities.  This all depends on which language the student is taught in.

Manadatory participation

If parents are claiming back expenses for lessons and transport, it is a requirement that the student actually turns up at classes (except in cases of illness).

Signing up

You will need to sign up once a year. Remember to sign up again, if you wish to receive tuition after summer vacation in the following school year.

The entry form is available at the schools’ office. (Remember to unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive education) or you can print the entry form on this page ( Danish).You will need to print the entry form and send it to the municipality.