Volunteers contribute substantially in organisations and as engaged citizens their energy and efforts helps others. We want to ensure that a good framework exists for developing voluntary work in Gentofte Kommune.


A volunteer is a person who takes on unpaid assignments for the benefit of others. Voluntary work is a contribution to the many tasks that the municipality carries out. This can be a helping hand, someone to talk to or experience something with. By including organisations, associations, relatives and other, we can strengthen civil society and active citizenship.

In the municipality, we collaborate with volunteers in many areas such as in the Internet café in the main library, in nursing homes, housing for handicapped, parents’ work day in day- care facilities and at the local archives of history.

Volunteer Centre Gentofte

Volunteer Centre Gentofte is a point of contact for volunteer work in Gentofte Kommune with respect to social work, health, integration, culture, sports and environment. Volunteer Centre Gentofte is an association which receives financial support from Gentofte Kommune.

The volunteer centre works towards making it easier for people and organisations to engage in local society. The volunteers work both within and outside organisations, across associations, sectors, networks and groups.


If you have any questions about volunteering, you can contact Volunteer Centre Gentofte at: kontor@frivilligcentergentofte.dk or Tel.: + 45 3940 4648