How do I become a volunteer?

What are you passionate about? There are a lot of possibilities for volunteers and without a doubt something that suits you.

Frivillig borger

Some institutions in the municipality have established an on-going collaboration with volunteers and are therefore recruiting on a regular basis:

  • Plejehjemmet Ordruplund (Nursing home). Volunteers participate in activities and as voluntary visitors.
  • Gentofte Bibliotekerne (The libraries). Volunteers can help with practical assignments at lectures, concerts etc.
  • Aktivitetscentret Birkegården (Activity centre for handicapped adults). Volunteers can participate in several activities with the user of the centre as well as help out with practical work.
  • Vuggestuen Elmegården (Nursery). The volunteers can for example participate in several activities with the children, play music and theatre or help out with practical work such as gardening or IT support.

Volunteer Centre Gentofte can provide you with an overview of the many possibilities for volunteering in the municipality and they can help you find the volunteer job that suits you the best.

Call, mail or drop by the Volunteer Centre Gentofte. Click here for opening house and contact information( link).

If an institution, association or business already has your interest, you can also approach them directly and enquire about volunteering.

At the bottom of the page, you will find links to the large databases that display volunteer jobs. It is easy to find a volunteer job there that will match your interests and competencies.