Starting the process of homeschooling

According to the school legislation regarding public and private primary and middle schools, § 34, mark 1, all parents must submit a written notification to the municipality of Gentofte (Gentofte Kommune), before the home schooling begins.

The notification must entail:

  • Information about which children will be home schooled
  • Where the home schooling will take place (the location)
  • Who will be doing the teaching
  • This notification must be sent through email to the following address:

The Teaching:

The teaching must according to the Constitution, § 76, be equal with what is being taught in a regular primary or middle school. Home schooling is under the school legislation regarding public and private schools etc. The teachings must follow what is recommended in the Instruction no. 143 of July 23rd 2001: Instructions regarding compulsory education, in public and private schools and the supervision that follows.

Follow-up and supervision of homeschooling:

 Approximately 6 weeks after the written notification has been submitted, the family will be contacted to discuss the teaching.


The municipality of Gentofte supervises, according to the school legislation regarding public and private primary and middle schools § 35. The supervision takes place at least once yearly.

Execution of the supervision:

The supervision is executed by a visit to the place where the child is being homeschooled. In certain circumstances – by the request of the homeschool teacher – the supervision can take place in another facility. As a minimum, tests/exams must be held at least once yearly, in the subjects Danish, Math and English. The person, who handles the homeschooling, will be in charge of the test in collaboration with the supervisor. The test/exam will be supervised and the supervisor will evaluate the result. Supervision also takes place regarding:
• Supervision of the course of the teaching
• Examine concrete documentation of the teaching
(educational materials, performed tasks, activities log book, etc.)
•  Conversation with the child
• Evaluation of the abilities of the child
• Evaluation of the general development of the child
A summary is written after each supervision. The summary will be sent to the homeschool teacher.

Assessment of the homeschool teaching:

An assessment of the homeschooling will be made to determent weather the teachings follows what is required in a regular primary or middle school. If it is estimated that the teachings does not match, the homeschool teacher will be notified about the missing elements and about the fact that a new exam/test must be taken after 3 months. After that, if the teachings are still not satisfactory, the children must start attending a regular public or private school, where the demand of compulsory education can be meet, see the school legislation § 33, mark 2.
If it is assessed, that the teachings repeatedly does in fact match what is required in a regular school, then the supervision can be cancelled. The homeschool teacher will be notified.