VITO Welcome Classes 14-18 years

Newly arrived students at the age of 14 – 18 years will receive teachings, which will be organized from the language need of the individual student. The purpose of the course is to introduce the students to attend a Danish school.

Vito Secondary School

Vito Secondary School is for newly arrived students between 14 and 18 years with a need to develop competency in Danish in order to allow them to complete the Danish school-leaving certificat (Dansk Afgangsprøve) or to continue with an alternative state youth education program depending on the individuals arrival time and personal preference.

There are 35 hours of tuition per week in Danish, mathematics, history and social studies, as well as sport, with focus on Danish as a second language. In addition to differentiated teaching of small groups, pupils participate in study tours and introductional courses to different educations. Pupils enter the program throughout the year and teaching is broad-based, directed to a youthful audience and is one out of the several courses available at "Ungdomsskolen".

In addition to specialist teachers of Danish as a second language, associated mentors with a pedagogical background as well as educational counselors embrace the task of fulfilling the needs of the students providing help and support essential in order to be able to navigate within the Danish society and educational system.

Besides lessons, there is also the possibility for students to spend time in an after-school club "Barakkerne". Here they can participate in various social activities arranged by the schools mentors.

Vito offers an admissions-interview enabling the teaching to suit the individuals' specific needs by developing a personalized educational plan i collaboration with the schools educational counselor. The purpose of the educational program at Vito is to strengthen the pupils competence in Danish, introduce them to Danish society and educational system and assure that they become competent and ready to attend further education if seen fit.

The teachings will take place at these addresses: Bregnegårdsvej 21B and Hellerupvej 20. Information in that regard will be displayed ongoing.

Some students will be taking examinations at Ungdomsskolen or be prepared to follow other secondary school educations, depending on the individual student’s abilities and time of arrival in Denmark.

The teaching is organized according to the need of the individual student and the education plan is will be adjusted ongoi9ng in close collaboration with UU-Gentofte. The purpose of the course is to strengthen the communicative skills of the students, to introduce the students to the Danish society and the Danish educational system and to prepare them for further and higher education.

The teachings in Udskolingen, takes place between the hours of 8.30 and 17.00 at Ungdomsskolen.

Contact info:

Gentofte Ungdomsskole - Department Manager  ViTo-School (students aged 14 – 18 years) 

Jacob Berger Strønæs
Bregnegårdsvej 21 B,
2900 Hellerup
Tel. 29 29 21 47, mail: