VITO Welcome Classes

Teaching of newly arrived students at the age of 6 – 13 years.

Newly arrived students at the age of 6 to 14 years will be offered teachings in one of VITO’s welcome classes. The purpose of this course is for the students to learn enough Danish, so that they are able to attend a regular Danish school.

The students in the welcome class will receive 30 hours of teachings, weekly. They will be in the class for a period of between 4 weeks to two years, depending on the individual student’s school background and language abilities. Once the students are ready to leave the VITO class to join a regular class, it will happen in close dialogue between the municipality, VITO and the parents. Once a decision has been made regarding grade and choice of school, VITO will contact the school to make the necessary arrangements regarding the transition.

The teachings in the welcome class, are taking place at Skovshoved Skole and Bakkegårdsskolen.

Students in grade 0

Newly arrived students in grade 0 (age 5 – 6 years) with a significant need for support in the Danish language as a secondary language (second tongue), will as a starting point receive two individual Danish classes where Danish is considered as the secondary language (second tongue).

VITO can establish a class where the students together will be taught Danish as a secondary language 
(second tongue)  for one hour a day, if there in a school is 4 to 5 students in grade 0 with a significant need for support in the Danish language as a secondary language (second tongue).

The staff of VITO will always offer guidance regarding Danish as a secondary language (second tongue) and  in the collaboration with the parents.

Contact info:

Department Manager  ViTo-School (students age 6-14 years)

Anne Højbjerg Thomsen
Tel: 92 43 21 21, mail:

Consultant at Children and School Department

Jacob Berger Strønæs
Tel. 29 29 21 47, mail: