Subsidy for private childcare arrangement

If your child is 26 weeks old and until it starts school (as of 31 July in the year your child starts school), you can choose a private childcare arrangement, where the municipality provides a financial subsidy.

Billede af lille dreng, der laver puslespil

What are private childcare arrangement? 

Private childcare is a joint name for two types of care. It may be care in an institution, for example an international preschool, or it may be care in private homes (day care-like structure).

Common for the arrangements is:

  • The municipality must approve each individual arrangement.
  • The municipality can provide a subsidy for parental payment.
  • The municipality must monitor the childcare arrangement.
  • A childcare agreement approved by Gentofte Municipality must exist between the parents and the childcare arrangement.

Gentofte Municipality does not maintain waiting lists for private childcare arrangements. You must therefore find your preferred childcare arrangement on your own.

You can book a municipal day care ahead of time, which will be effective from the date your child exits the private childcare arrangement. You can read more about how to apply for a municipal day care at The office assigning day care.

Subsidy for parental payment

The municipality´s subsidy for parental payment depends on the age of the child, the number of hours of childcare per week and the parents´ monthly expenses to childcare. The subsidy can make up no more than 75% of your documented expenses.

In the table below, you can see the maximum municipal subsidy for the two types of private childcare programmes. 

Childcare in an institution
Age Full-time 39 hours or more Part-time less than 39 hours 
26 weeks - 3 years DKK 7.226,00 DKK 6.142,00
3 years - school start DKK 3.571,00 DKK 3.035,00
Childcare in a private home
Age Full-time 37 hours or more Part-time less than 37 hours
26 weeks - 3 years DKK 7.226,00 Reduced proportional to number of hours less than 37 hours
3 years - school start DKK 3.571 Reduced proportional to number of hours less than 37 hours

As a parent, you do not have to pay tax of the subsidy. Be aware that you cannot receive free place subsidy for a private childcare arrangement, but you can receive sibling subsidy.

Sibling subsidy to childcare in an institution 
Age Full-time 39 hours or more Part-time less than 39 hours
26 weeks - 3 years DKK 1.322,00 DKK 1.124,00
3 years - school start DKK 718,00 DKK 610,00
Sibling subsidy to childcare in a private home
Age Full-time 37 hours or more Part-time less than 37 hours
26 weeks - 3 years DKK 1.322,00 Reduceres ift. timetal under 37 timer
3 years - school start DKK 718,00 Reduceres ift. timetal under 37 timer

You can receive subsidy from the month in which we have received and approved your application. Be aware that you are liable if your child is taken care of  by an arrangement, that cannot be approved afterwards.

The subsidy is deposited in your NemKonto account. If you do not have a NemKonto account, please write your bank account details in the application. You will receive the subsidy after we have received documentation for your care expenses. Documentation for expenses must be submitted to us each month. Expected processing time is approx. 14 days.

Subsidy is not provided if:

  • The child is admitted to a municipal care offer or a private day care institution.
  • The child is cared for by an au-pair.
  • The child is cared for by its parents.

If the child needs support according to the regulations of the Danish Consolidated act on social services, the municipality can decide not to provide a subsidy.

For parents on maternity/paternity leave

If you as a parent receive maternity/paternity pay for your child, a subsidy to childcare can in some cases be provided. This may be in situations of illness, multiple births, postponed maternity/paternity leave or partial resumption of Work. In each case, a specific evaluation will be made.

You can apply for a subsidy to parental payment even if you are on maternity/paternity leave or parental leave with another of your children.

 If you want childcare in a private home (day care structure)

If you prefer a private child-minder, you should agree on work conditions and terms such as monthly payment, pay during illness, holidays, times and place of care as well as term of notice. It must appear in the agreement that it is a private childcare arrangement. The agreement must be approved by Gentofte Municipality before the childcare begins.

When you have agreed with the child-minder about the terms of the care, you must fill in an application/contract to be signed by both of you and send it to us, along with the agreement on work conditions. This must be sent by digital post. Remember to write "Dagtilbud, Privat Pasning" in the subject line => Download application/contract

As soon as we have received your application/contract, a supervising day care counsellor will contact you in order to plan a start-up meeting at the place of care with the child-minder. If the child-minder and the place of care are not approved by the municipality, they must be approved proir to the start-up meeting. The day care counsellor will supervise the private child-minder regularly focusing on language skills, the pedagogical content of the care as well as safety issues.

As of 1 July 2017, it is a requirement that the principal language in private childcare arrangements is Danish. It is required that the child-minder at the time of the approval can document that they have passed the 9th grade final exam in Danish with the mark 02 as a minimum, have passed the test Danish 2 or an equivalent level. Gentofte Municipality may make an exemption from this requirement if there are special reasons for speaking another language than Danish. Any exemption is given in connection with approving the arrangement. For further information please contact Att. "Dagtilbud, Privat Pasning"

For the purpose of paying subsidy, please submit documentation for your expenses to the private child-minder. => Download form

If you wish care in an institution

All private childcare institutions must be approved by the municipality of location. In Gentofte Municiplaity we have the following two approved institutions. Both institutions have English as their main language:

Rygaards International School
Bernstorffsvej 54
2900 Hellerup
Tlf. 3962 1053

Children’s Garden International Preschool
Bernstorffsvej 75
2900 Hellerup
Tlf. 7375 2900

If you wish to apply for a subsidy to parental payment, please submit an application by digital post, Att. "Dagtibud, Privat Pasning" => Download application/contract

The agreement on childcare between parents and the institution must be attached to the application. Please be aware that it must state clearly that the arrangement is a private childcare arrangement. 

If you want to use a preschool or day-care located outside the municipality of Gentofte, please contact the municipality of location to ensure that the childcare arrangement has been approved. A copy of the approval, the childcare agreement and the application for a subsidy must be submitted to the Gentofte Municipality by digital post, Att. "Dagtilbud, Privat Pasning". Be aware that you are liable if your child is taken care of and the programme does not get approved afterwards.

When we have approved your application and the childcare agreement you will receive your subsidy. For this purpose, please submit relevant documentation for your care expenses. => Download form