Driving license

You can order a new driving license at Kommuneservice.

You can apply for a new driving license at the Citizen Service Centre (Kommuneservice). When you apply for a driving license, you will need to submit a photo, your old driving license and a completed application form. Kommuneservice will hand out the application form.

If you are renewing your driving license due to age or illness, you photo will need to be signed by your doctor.

You can read more about renewal of driving licenses, exchange of driving liscenses and issuing of international driving licenses on the webpage of the Danish National Police ( Danish).


You can read more about the requirements of photos here.

When you order your driving license in Kommuneservice, you can pay either cash or with Dankort.

Please note that the time of delivery is approx. 14 days. 

Opening hours

Kommuneservice is open Monday to Wednesday 8- 4 pm, Thursday 8-6 pm and Friday 8-2 pm.


Read more about foreign driving licenses on politi.dk (in English)