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Genvej has moved to, to give you a better overview and easier access to a broad selection of self-service solutions.

If you have any question, feel free to contact our Citizen Service Centre (Kommuneservice), tel. +45 39 98 00 00, e-mail:

Below, you can access all available services.

Children and youth


Use BørneGenvej to stay updated with your children’s everyday life at the day care facility, communicate with staff, read news items, book meetings and much more.

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Digital booking for child care

Book day care for your child via the digital booking system – part of the new BørneGenvej.

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More information about child care

Free care

You can apply for free child care if your income does not surpass the limits for free child care


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Dental care - booking for children

Maternity leave subsidy

You can apply for a subsidy while you are on maternity leave through Din Barsel at

Udbetaling Danmark is the responsible authority for this subsidy.

More information about subsidy while on maternity leave


Housing and living areas


You must inform your local municipality about your new address 5 days after your move at the latest. The information must go to the municipality that you have moved to - not from.

Notify your municipality about your new address (you need a NemID to use this service)

Get a NemID

Read more about moving house


Waste – collection dates

By using the calender, you will know when different kinds of waste will be collected at your address

Type your addresss and see collect dates

Waste - uncollected

Please notify us, if your waste has not been collected. Collect hours end around 6 p.m. on collection days

Notification of uncollected waste

Waste – order additional refuse bag

If you need additional refuse bags, you can order them here

Order additional waste bags

Waste stands

 If you need bigger or additional wadste stands, you can order here

Order additional waste stands


Please notify us, if you have vermin on your estate.

Notification of vermin

Give us a hint

...if you see something in the public area that needs fixing (holes in roads, streetlamps, waste baskets. Etc.).

There is an app for smartphones too (“Giv et vink” in App Store and Google Play)

Go to Giv et vink

House and estate drawings

If you need the drawings from your house and estate, find them by typing your address in  the digital archive Weblager.

Housing benefits

Udbetaling Danmark is the authority on the distribution of housing benefits.




Health card

Order your heath card here. Read more about health insurance and coverage, depending on, which insurance group you are signed up to.
Apply for health card (you need a NemID to use this service)

EU Health card

You need a blue EU health card if you are travelling to other EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

Udbetaling Danmark is the authority on EU health insurance.

Apply for EU health card (you need a NemID to use this service)

Get NemID

Choose your GP

You can search for and choose your GP online. A change of GP is valid immediately after accept.
Choose your GP (you need a NEMID to use this service)



Pension info

Get an overview of your collected pension schemes at Here you can also calculate the effects of changing your schemes.

State pension

You will receive a notification from Udbetaling Danmark two months before you reach the age of 65 years. The notification confirms, that you are entitled to state pension.
Apply for state pension at (you need a NemID to use this service)


Culture and leisure


You can search for and reserve books, when you are logged in to Gentofte Libraries website.

Go to Gentofte Libraries' website


Citizen service

Digital Post

You will receive mail from public institutions via Digital Post. Remember to check your Digital Post inbox regularly so you will not miss important messages and documents.
Check your Digital Post on (you need a NemID to use Digital Post)


NemPost is an alternative to Digital Post. You can use it for communication with any public institution in Denmark

 Go to NemPost (you need a NemID to use this service)

Get NemID


If you are entitled to receive amounts from public institutions, the payments will be transferred to your NemKonto. Your NemKonto is typically your regular bank account.


At you can check and make changes to your estimated future income and your yearly tax  statement.


If you need a need new passport, you must show up in person at the Citizen Service Centre, situated at the town hall.

You can use our online service to prepare your application and pay for your passport.

Apply for passport (you need a NemID to use this service)

Get NemID

More information on passports

Holiday allowance

You can apply for holiday allowance payment at and My site

At you get central access to information about public services and digital self-service.
If you want to check personal information on, please log on to the site with NemID.

 Questions? Please contact our Citizen Service Centre at tel. +45 3998 0000 or mail


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