If you are getting married in church or at the town hall, you will need to hand in a certificate of trial of marriage(prøvelsesattest)from the municipality to the marriage authority.

Billede af vielses- og registreringsattest


If you are getting married, you will need to hand over a notice of marriage to the municipality of residence. The municipality will thereafter certify that the conditions for entering marriage are in place.

If the conditions are in order, the municipality will issue and forward a trial of marriage certificate to you. You will need to hand over the certificate of trial of marriage to the marriage authority.

Kommuneservice (the citizen service center) must receive the notice of marriage no later than 10 days before the date of the wedding.

You will need to submit further documentation if:

  • One or both parties are born before January 1st 1960: You must send a copy of the birth or name certificate.
  • One or both parties have been married before and the divorce is not processed by the Danish authorities, original certificate of separation or divorce, or alternatively a transcript of the legal verdict of divorce should be enclosed with the notice of marriage.
  • One or both parties are not Danish citizens or live abroad: Identification such as passport or residence permit must be submitted. The municipality can also demand to see a marital status certificate.

Marriage, earlier registered partnership

From the 15th of June 2012, same sex marriage is possible in Denmark. The law on registered partnership is at the same time repealed but continues to exist in the case of partnership registered before June 15th 2012. Presently, a same sex marriage has the same legal consequences as a registered partnership.

A partnership registered in Denmark between you and your partner can, if you both wish, be converted to an actual marriage. To request a conversion to marriage, you must fill in a special form "re-registration of registered partnership from marriage"( Danish).

The form should be handed in to the municipality where the partnership was registered.

If the partnership is registered in Denmark and you both wish to convert the partnership to a marriage, the municipality will issue a marriage certificate to you with the original date of registration as the date when marriage took place.