Day-care guarantee

All children, who are more than 26 weeks old, are guaranteed a place in a day-care facility in Gentofte Kommune.

Billede af glad dreng i daginstitution

You can book a place for your child through BørneGenvej ( a digital solution which assigns places in childcare institutions in Gentofte Kommune ) when it is more than 26 weeks old.

You can book nurseries, private child-care provision, kindergartens as well as combined and integrated day-care facilities.

Book 2 months in advance

In order to be covered by the guarantee, you must book a place in a day-care facility as early as possible and no later than 2 months from the date, you require child-care (from 1st to the 16th of a month). If you attempt to book a place less than 2 months from your required stating date, you cannot expect any places to be available.

We generally recommend that you book as early as possible as this will give you the best selection of places.