Sign up for day-care

You can log-in to the digital child-care solution through BørneGenvej.

Billede af pige, der kravler på en legeborg

Our digital day-care solution, BørneGenvej will provide you with an overview of available places in Gentofte Kommune's day-care facilities. In BørneGenvej, you can book available places for your child based on criteria such as starting date, distance to your home etc.

You can find an overview of each day-care facility in Gentofte Kommune here.

When can you book a place?

You can book a place three days after your child receives a CPR number. You and your child will need to live on the same address in Gentofte Kommune and your child should be at least 6 months old when starting in the day-care facility.

Find out when you have a place

If you want a place for your child in a day-care facility that is not available on the required date, you can get notified if a place should become available. You will need to do following:

  • Log on to BørneGenvej
  • Click on the tab with your child’s name
  • Click on the tab “NemPlads”
  • State the required starting date and day-care facility in the box “Besked om ledige pladser”
  • Click on the tab with your name
  • Click on the tab “Personligt” and thereafter “Overblik” and state in the box “NemBesked – Advisering”, the e-mail address and mobile number on which you wish to be notified in Nempost.

You will then receive a message in Nempost if a place becomes available in the day-care facility.

Please note, that several people can be notified of available places in the same day-care facility and that all are notified at the same time. In the message it will state whether the place is available for booking the sme day at 20.00 or the following day at 20.00.

It is possible to change your booking up until one month before your child starts in the day-care facility.

Withdrawal and transferring

You can always choose to withdraw or transfer your child to another day-care facility by using the digital child-care solution.