Maternity Leave

You have the right to maternity leave when you are having a child. There are numerous possibilities to share, extend and postpone periods of leave. The financial circumstances for your maternity leave depend on your job situation.

Billede af mødregruppe

Parents are entitled to a total of 52 weeks of paternity leave. The 52 weeks are under normal circumstances divided in the following way:

  • The mother is entitled to 4 weeks before the birth
  • The father has 2 weeks after the birth or adoption
  • The mother has 14 weeks after the birth or adoption
  • 32 weeks which the parents are free to split the leave between them

Generally, a very flexible distribution of the maternity leave is possible up until the child turns 9 years.

You have to inform your employer and the municipality of how you wish to organise the leave. The maternity leave has to be reported to NemRefusion, the reporting should take place through your employer (NemRefusion is an electronic system for employers to report sickness and maternity benefits for employees).

You can get paid while you are on maternity leave. This depends on where you are employed. You can find more information in your contract or by asking your union or unemployment fund. You are entitled to maternity benefits if you do not get paid during your leave.

You can read more about the rules for maternity benefits here.