Homeless in Gentofte

If you are homeless and have social problems or you cannot stay in your house for other reasons, there are a number of shelters you can contact.

If you are homeless or for some reason find it difficult to stay in your home, you can stay at the shelter Overførstergården, which has room for 23 people.

You can approach the shelter directly who will find out if there is a place for you.

The cost is 151,00 DKK per day to stay at the shelter which covers both food and board.

Action Plan

You, the staff and the municipality will at the beginning of your stay at the shelter work out a plan of action which will suit your needs and resources. It might be necessary to involve your GP, a substance abuse clinic or a house authority in your action plan.

You can also approach NOVAVI, which is situated in Glostrup. They have room for 8 people. The cost is 73.00 DKK for board and 63.50 DKK for food per. day.