Property tax

If you own a house or a flat, you will need to pay property tax

Billlede af hus med solfanger

Property tax is made up of land tax and contribution charges to the municipality. The land tax is set off against the land value with the deduction of possible improvements.

The land tax of Gentofte Kommune is set at a value of 16 per thousand which is the state minimum.

If the land tax is changed by the assessment authority, following a complaint of the assessment, the land tax will thereafter be regulated.

The property taxation for 2012 is calculated on the basis of the property valuation as of 1st of October 2012.

Property valuation

All inquiries regarding property valuation should be made to:

SKAT, Tax Centre in Copenhagen, Tel: + 45 72 22 18 18.
SKAT Midt & Sydsjælland
Property Valuation, Copenhagen, Rundforbivej 303, 2850 Nærum

Tax ceiling on land value tax

The Danish Parliament has decided to put a loft on the increase of land value tax from year to year. This way, calculations of the land value, which is liable to duty, remains the same as previous years with an added an allowance rate. The allowance rate for 2012 is 4.3 %.

Paying property tax

Property tax is payable in two rates on February 1st and August 1st. The last timely payment in 2012 is February 10th and August 10th.

To ensure that payment is made timely and to avoid unnecessary extra charges, it is a good idea to pay through Betalings-Service (the banks’ central payments system). Payments will then be made automatically on the last date of payment.

Betalings-Service is available to everyone with a bank account. Hand in the giro to your bank, who will then register you. If you are not registered with Betalings-Service, we will enclose a giro which you can use to make the payment.

If payment is made too late, we will send out a reminder. If you pay the reminder too late, you will have to pay 0.5% in interest for every month started from the date of payment. If we sent you a reminder, there will be an additional 250 kr. fee for every reminder. Both interest rates and reminder fees will be collected on the invoice for next year’s property tax.


If you have access to the Internet, you can choose to receive to letters from Gentofte Kommune in your own personal e-boks. You can sign up in self-service. If you sign up for the tax demand note, it will, together with the giros, only be sent to e-boks. You need a NemID to use e-boks.

Buying and selling property

If you are selling you property, you will need to hand over the tax demand note, the remaining giros and cancel Betalings-Service. New payment slips will not automatically be sent out to the new owner.