Sports for disabled

Gentofte Kommune aims to ensure that our disabled citizens have an active leisure time.

Billede af kørestolsbrugere, der spiller basket

Gentofte Kommune has a special initiative for people who for one reason or the other needs support to engage in a leisure time activity.

People with disabilities and persons in a vulnerable situation may need assistance and support in order to contact sports- and leisure associations. The initiative called “Min Fritid” (my sparetime) offers that support and guidance.

An individual offer

Everyone should be given the possibility to have an active leisure time and “Min Fritid” is an opportunity for citizens to receive the help and support they need to begin their chosen leisure time activities.


  • Informal information meeting
  • Talks about wishes and dreams for leisure time activities
  • Mapping of interest and possibilities
  • Choice of activities
  • Contact an association 
  • Inclusion in the association

If you want to know more about the initiative “Min Fritid”, you can contact Mia Richelieu, Tel 3939 5025/mobile 4081 8100.


Bernstorffsvej 161, 2920 Charlottenlund, ,