The Health Card

All CPR-registered citizens in Denmark have a health card. The card entitles you to help from the national health system. When seeing a doctor or going to the hospital, you must always remember to bring your health card.

You can sign up for different insurance groups:

Insurance group 1: you are registered with a specific GP (general practitioner). There is no charge.

Insurance group 2: You are not registered with a specific GP. There is a charge but you can get a deduction.

Please contact Citizen Service Centre (Kommuneservice) if you want to know more about the difference between insurance group 1 and 2.

New Health Card

If you move or change your name, change doctor or change insurance group, a new health card will automatically be sent to you.

If you have lost your health card, you can order a new one for 200 DKK.

You can get a new card free of charge if your card is damaged or more than four years old.

You can order a new health card, a blue European Health Insurance Card, change doctor or insurance group in Genvej, our digital self- service solution. You are also welcome to show up at Kommuneservice or send a cheque for 200 kr. to The Danish National Registry (Folkeregisteret).

As soon as you receive your new health card, you must destroy your old card.

If you wish to change insurance group, please note that a period of 12 months must have passed since your last group change.